Finding inner peace

Peace, as most people understand it, is not true peace. Even when the problems and anxieties which trouble you vanish for a few minutes or a few hours, this is not true peace for it does not last. Once true peace dwells in you, nothing can ever dislodge it again. Yes, peace is not a question of feeling at ease, of being calm and carefree for a few minutes, it is something much more profound and much more precious. Peace is a result of perfect inner harmony…

When all the instruments in an orchestra are perfectly tuned to the same pitch, when all the musicians have already practiced under their conductor and learned to know, love and obey him, then they can produce extraordinarily harmonious music. And in a human being, peace is this harmony, this perfect accord that reigns amongst all the various elements, forces, functions, thoughts, feelings and actions.

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov   The Egregor of the Dove: the Reign of Peace  Lake_mapourika_NZ

So, peace is born of harmony, of an absolute accord between all the diverse factors and elements that go to make up a human being. But I must add something to that and tell you that this necessary harmony can only exist when all those elements have been purified. Whenever there is a lack of harmony it means impurities have slipped in. If you eat something that does not agree with you, you feel irritable and unwell, but if you take a purge and get rid of whatever is causing the problem, you will begin to feel better! Impurities destroy peace. If you want to be at peace, therefore, the first thing to do is to purify yourself, to eliminate everything that hinders the smooth functioning of your mind, heart and will…

 A true initiate understands that only one thing matters, only one thing is really essential and that is to become pure, as pure as a mountain lake, as pure as a clear blue sky, as pure as crystal, as pure as sunlight. Once initiates reach this level of purity everything else is theirs for the asking. Obviously, as you now understand it, no one obtains purity easily, but at least we can understand it, love it and long for it with every fibre of our being and, finally, do everything in our power to achieve it.

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov   The Egregor of the Dove: the Reign of Peace 

The beautiful photos of clear, still waters are very symbolic for me. They represent the stilling of all turbulent emotions- ‘Peace- be still’.

This is a subject that is preoccupying me a great deal at the moment. I have recently started chanting the Om Mami Padme Hum which the master recommended for the heart chakra. I’ve found that chanting this mantra has a calming, healing effect on the emotions and leads to a sense of peace and happiness. Interestingly, Tibetan Buddhists claim that regular chanting of these sacred syllables purifies the body, speech and mind of aspirants. The mantra is also a prayer for peace and compassion towards all living beings.

I like the spiritual practice of mantra chanting as a way to achieve harmony between thought and feeling. It helps to develop that unity of  heart, mind and will which is needed to find inner peace and to realize our ideal and goal in life. (More on that in the post Uniting heart, mind and will).

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  1. Thank you Susan for posting this!

    Researching Omraam’s reference to the egregore brought me to an online sample of his book (that you have quoted here) wherein I read: “When you feel that things are not functioning as they should, either in your physical body or in your heart or mind, you can be sure that it is because you have ‘eaten’ something impure, by …” Would you happen to know what follows in the rest of this sentence? The online sample stops before reaching the end.


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