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For anyone who, like myself, loves singing and chanting sacred songs and mantras, I’m sharing a beautiful version of the OM MANI PADME HUM from the Youtube channel of Patricia Sáez Campos. It’s accompanied by lively Tibetan music and images of joyful children. The simplicity and happiness on their faces fills me with happiness myself. Here is also a brief extract from the master about the Buddha of compassion who was said to have given the mantra to humanity:

All Buddhas are greatly venerated in Tibet, but above all, Tibetans venerate Buddha Avalokiteshvar. According to legend, he is the son of Buddha Amithabha, and it is he who first pronounced the sacred syllables: OM MANI PADME HUM. Legend also recounts how one day, on looking at the world of human beings and seeing their suffering and infinite misery, he was filled with such compassion that his head exploded into pieces. His father, Buddha Amithabha, then gave him ten heads, to which he added his own, and at the same time, a thousand arms came out of the body of Avalokiteshvar. So it is with eleven heads and a thousand arms that he is represented coming to the aid of humanity.

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov    Subtle centres and bodies  

blue letters

The master explained this mantra is helpful in the unfolding of Anahata, the heart chakra. (See- The deer in the heart: Anahata Chakra).

Hope you enjoy the recording as much as I do. May it bring peace and unconditional love to our hearts. (There’s also a 12 hour chant on Youtube, led by Tibetan monks, for a more meditative experience).

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      In reply to a question about the meaning of his spiritual name, Omraam, the master said that Om was a mantra which has the effect of dissolving negativity and rendering things more subtle and spiritual. Ram has the effect of concretising all that is spiritual and divine. Hope that helps! Susan


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