What's in a look? Language of the eyes

There will come a day when human beings will look at each other just as God looks at them. They will have no more evil thoughts for each other and everyone will give free expression to their love by means of their eyes and their smile. A glance is the language of God. God and the angels speak with their glances. No one in Heaven has time to stop and talk to you; the angels move through space at dizzying speeds greater than the speed of light, but as they pass they send you a glance, which, if you were conscious of it, you will remember for eternity, and which will heal, illuminate and save you. There is nothing in the world to compare with such a glance. This is the true language of heaven.

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov  The Book of Divine Magic  

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov in London 1960
Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov in London 1960

‘In the future, human beings will speak to each other only with their eyes, for the mouth is not yet capable of expressing our subtlest feelings. Just imagine, for instance, that you went out into the street where you met hundreds of people, and that each one gave you a look of purity, sincerity and light; you would have the impression that you had arrived in the kingdom of heaven. If you had been in  a state of despair, you would immediately be healed and resuscitated by those glances brimming over with trust. This expression is enough to drive home to you the power of a glance. What a pity that the glances you have experienced so far have, more often than not, been glances that disturbed or wounded you…’  Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov

I guess the power of a look is something that Leonardo da Vinci knew very well. The top image is a detail from an earlier version of the Mona Lisa.

This final paragraph from the master reminds me a bit of the ‘Random acts of kindness’ idea that became popular a few years ago. It is true that something as simple as a genuine smile or friendly look, even from a stranger, can transform your whole day, if you are receptive to it!

‘Unless they have a specific reason for attracting someone’s attention, it usually does not occur to people to give others a look of kindness and light which might help them. And yet, you all have the power to help those who are threatened by doubt, sorrow or despair and you could renew their courage, simply by the way you look at them. Wherever you go, in the streets or in trains and buses, you meet quantities of  people whom you could help with a kind look or positive thought. At the time, they will certainly not realize what you are doing for them, but their soul and the spiritual entities that inhabit them will welcome what you send them and their frame of mind will change for the better.’

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov The Book of Divine Magic

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