Speaking nature’s language

If you want to communicate with nature, the very least you can do is to accept the idea that she is alive and intelligent. Most human beings behave as though nature were dead, and the result is that their own inner life vibrates less powerfully and with less intensity and their God-given faculties of perception and sensation are gradually paralysed. ‘What is the point’, they ask, ‘of trying to communicate with rocks, plants or the sun? They’re not alive.’ With this attitude they dull the edge of their own faculties and put themselves in a straight-jacket of their own making. He who believes that nature is alive and intelligent, on the other hand, makes an effort not only to understand her language but, also, to find new means of expression that allow him to communicate with her….


The Creator has given us all kinds of means by which we can express our thoughts and desires and, even if we don’t receive any striking response, our words do have an effect on objects, on trees, on the light, on every living species. Everything that lives on earth has its own unique way of expressing himself; everything in the universe, and the universe itself, expresses itself. But not everyone understands what is expressed, and it is up to a disciple to cultivate his faculties of perception so as to understand these different manifestations and forms of language. Some people- mediums for instance- already have this gift. In fact, I once knew a boy who could understand what an animal was saying. He could communicate with animals. He would tell us, for example, ‘He’s got a thorn in his paw’, and when we looked it was always true; this boy often proved that he could understand the language of animals.

yellow bird

Of course, I am not saying that such gifts are not extremely rare; it is not everybody that can interpret the language of flowers, trees or birds. But everyone can express himself to them; everybody can do as I do and speak to rocks, lakes, rivers and mountains. I constantly talk to everything in nature without worrying about whether I have been heard or not, because Initiatic Science tells us that the only reality is what we ourselves create with our thoughts and feelings, our desires, our words and gestures. This is what is recorded, inscribed in the Akasha Chronica, the archives of the universe, and one day, it must have its effect. You must continually act, continually create; the only thing that need concern you is that you create only what is beneficial and luminous. In this case, the whole of nature will open to you and then you will really understand that she is intensely alive.


If you want nature to speak to you, therefore, if you want her to reveal her secrets to you, there is only one way and that is to change your attitude. Change your attitude towards the sun, the stars, mountains and flowers and, above all, realize that nature is intelligent. If you turn to nature as a living, intelligent reality and address her with respect, she will begin to reveal herself to you, and she will reveal to you, also, the entities that inhabit the four elements: fire, air, water and earth.

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov  The Fruits of the Tree of Life (The Cabbalistic Tradition)

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