Only light disperses darkness: the power of prayer

Today I want to post some extracts as a spiritual response to the terrorist acts in Paris this week. So here is something from the master describing  methods to overcome the power of negative forces in the world. As he said, ‘Only light has the power to overcome darkness’. The first extract is about sending S O S signals to attract the aid of luminous spirits. We can do that through prayer and by focusing the mind on thoughts of light:

The world is like a vast ocean in the dark of night, and you are like so many little boats drifting rudderless on that ocean. If you want luminous spirits from on high to come and rescue you, you have to light your lanterns and send up flares to let them know who you are. In other words you have to radiate light so that the sublime spirits can find you in the midst of darkness. The Gospels tell us to pray, and to pray is to send light signals up to heaven. The invisible world will have nothing to do with a light that has been snuffed out, so if you want to attract their attention you must light your lanterns.

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov  A New Earth (Methods for working with the light)


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These words remind me of the story of Jesus calming  the storm and his rebuke to his disciples for not having sufficient faith.The master was speaking in Paris around the time of the Second World War. He explained  how we can make our prayer- power much more effective through collectively concentrating our thoughts on the image of a dazzling, pulsating, luminous light. He used the analogy of the physical laser used in medicine: This instrument is effective because all light particles are made to vibrate at exactly the same frequency, therefore turning them into one powerful beam of light. When a group of people get together to concentrate on the powers of light and love, they are able to project a spiritually powerful force into the Earth’s atmosphere.This luminous force influences the minds of countless people all over the world for the better.

It is even more effective if meditation is ended with a spoken prayer because sound allows the manifestation of thought in matter. This prayer is used in brotherhood centers to end a collective laser meditation:

O God,
Grant that the powers of good be set in motion
to transform the world.
May the forces of good in the form
of love, light and purity
go to work and eradicate evil
so that the Kingdom of God and His Righteousness
 may come on earth without delay
and the Golden Age reign amongst all people..
Amen. So be it.
(3 times)

When we are confronted with the news  of atrocities committed against our brothers and sisters, perhaps prayer and meditation does not seem like the most effective response but that is because we forget that thought is powerful and does effect human actions.(There is even scientific research now that confirms this).

So I believe that the best response we can make in such situations is to unite ourselves mentally with all people of goodwill throughout the world and pray as intensely as we can. It is even better to get together physically with others to do this although of course that is not possible for most of us on a daily basis. But by doing this work to the best of our ability we are acting as allies for the light on Earth:

Even the most powerful entities of the divine world cannot act directly on earth. Why?

Because they are not made of physical matter. In order for them to intervene, human beings themselves must give them the opportunity. Since the earth is like a fortress whose occupants are opposed to admitting luminous spirits, allies are necessary to open the gates.

On earth, human beings are as powerful as the armies of heaven, and as long as they want to oppose them, the fortress will remain impenetrable.

This is why heaven seeks allies on earth, who agree to let them pass. Spiritual people are just that: allies, thanks to whom heaven can infiltrate this fortress called earth and transform everything.

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov

My video Meditate on Light contains a guided collective (or individual) meditation on light using quotes from the master.

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