A single candle flame…

Just as a single drop of water is capable of putting you in touch with the ocean, a single candle flame is capable of putting you in touch with the sun, with cosmic fire, with the Holy Spirit, whose garment is light. Gaze at the flame until you feel that you are melting into it, that you yourself are becoming flame. Love it, talk to it, make friends with it. When you are discouraged, worried or unhappy, light a candle, and by means of its flame unite yourself to all that is fire in the universe. Remind yourself that the sun is fire , that God is fire, that the Holy Spirit is fire, that everything around you is fire… this thought will restore your peace and courage. Little by little your candle will become your friend, and you will get into the habit of going to it for consolation, joy and inspiration.



In doing this you will feel truly protected for fire is a protection. Anyone who has spent time in the desert or the bush knows that one of the most effective protections against wild animals is fire. Wild animals are terrified of fire; they sense its formidable power and know that they must keep well away. And fire plays the same role in our inner life . He who has succeeded in lighting the sacred fire within himself has the best protection against spiritual wild animals, the forces of darkness, for they sense the fire emanating from the eyes, the hands and the whole body of a genuine magus or initiate, and flee in terror. This is what our aura is, a fire that protects us from evil.

Omraam Mikhaël Aivanhov  The Mysteries of Fire and Water

Christmas candle

I guess a lot of us will be lighting candles in our homes during the Christmas season so it is wonderful to think of the spiritual significance of what we are doing. As the master says, a single candle flame can represent cosmic fire and the Holy Spirit to us, if we know how to consider it. Here is a beautifully simple prayer that helps to attract the  cosmic fire:

Prayer to the Flame

Beloved flame, symbol of the Holy Spirit,symbol of cosmic fire, symbol of the sun, enter into me and impregnate all the cells of my body so that one day the Holy Spirit may come and dwell within me’.

And this is a 10 minute subtitled video where the master speaks of the symbolism of a candle:

The candle, symbol of sacrifice

I am planning to post more on the symbolism of the Christmas story a bit closer to the festival.

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