Harmony, Universal Brotherhood
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The universal harmony of nature

“All human beings are a part of the great body of nature, so they must try to live in harmony with it. Even if they see themselves as individual beings with their own life, they belong to a whole, and they must consider how they can reconcile the needs of their personal life with those of collective life. Each individual is specific; Cosmic Intelligence wanted this diversity of creatures, and we should not try to bring them to the same level. Each one has the right to exist with their differences, their originality, as long as they are in harmony with the Whole….


This Whole with which we must be in harmony is not just the human collectivity: above and beyond that we are linked to the different realms of nature, as well as to the cosmic collectivity, at the heart of which we as thinking beings have an important role to play. So each day we must be aware that we are taking part in building the edifice of cosmic life, which comprises all creatures, the angels, the archangels, all the way to God himself. For creation is not complete; it is still under construction.

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov     Daily Meditation (12th November 2014)

I read this text a few days ago in the Daily Meditations. I love it as it seems to be an anecdote to the arrogance of the materialistic viewpoint that puts human beings (and in some cases literally ‘man’) at the center of the universe with the god-given right to treat nature and animals as they wish.. The words of the master beautifully and profondly express a more realistic and balanced view- we’re not the most evolved life form in the universe- there are luminous beings that surpass us in intelligence and love- and yet, imperfect as we are, we are still co-creators of the universe. Mind-blowing!

connected circl of life

Image Credit: I found this lovely, child-like representation of the ‘circle of life’ on the blog Marghanita.com art classes.

The master’s text reminds me of a prayer that can be found in ‘A New Earth’.  It is called ‘Prayer for Harmony,’ though it is also a sort of meditation which involves consciously trying to establish a state of harmony and unity between ourselves and the different realms of nature, starting with God (the creative principle, the First cause, the Father….)

It is quite long so this is a slightly abridged version:

 Prayer for Harmony

Begin by establishing harmony between yourself and God, the creative principle and first cause. Say:

My God, from now on I want to live in harmony with you. Give me light so that I no longer break your cosmic laws. Allow me to contemplate you. I promise to do your will.

Next, you turn to the angels and archangels:

Holy angels, so often, when you have brought messages from the Creator to warn or enlighten me, I was deafened by the noise of my passions and unable to hear your voice. Please continue to send me light, for I want to obey you, I know that you are the Lord’s most exalted servants. I respect and love you.

Then speak to the masters and benefactors of humanity:

I have never listened to you because I valued human knowledge above everything else.  But now I want to help and serve you. Please send me some of your wisdom and knowledge.

Then you establish harmony between yourself and your fellow human beings:

Dear brothers and sisters, may peace and harmony dwell among us. Let us forget each other’s faults and weaknesses, let us forget the wrongs we may have done each other and work together to transform the earth into a garden where all may live together as brothers and sisters.

Speak also to the animals:

When God first created the world you lived in peace and harmony with humans; it is our fault you have become cruel and have to survive under such difficult conditions. I send you light to help you advance rapidly on the path of evolution.

Speak to the plants:

Oh lovely plants, flowers, trees, you who are still and submit to all weathers, what a wonderful example you give us. Thank you for nourishing us, thank you for your beauty and fragrance. I send you thoughts of love; I want to live in harmony with you. Please send me your freshness and purity in exchange for my love.

Speak to the stones of the earth:

You who give us the ground under our feet and the example of your stability, you who give us the materials for our buildings,  give us also your strength, and we will give you ours, so that one day you will awaken to consciousness. May there be harmony between us.

Close your eyes and say to the whole universe:

I love you, I love you, I love you. I am in harmony with you.

rianbow cirlcle

The reason I’ve posted photos of rainbows is that to me they’re suggestive of the circle, especially the one above at Victoria Falls. In sacred geometry, the circle is the symbol of the whole, of unity. It also symbolizes the unity of the lower and higher natures within a human being, once the lower nature is mastered by the higher.

Thanks for reading. Feel free to post your comments- I love reading them.

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  1. Love it. Precisely what I was pondering yesterday though much more eloquent. Your blog fabulous.

    Thank you for sharing

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