Cloak of many colors…

“Many years ago (I must have been about twenty at the time), I read a passage from the Zohar which I have never forgotten. It was in Bulgarian, of course, but let me translate it for you:

‘Seven lights there are in the Highest of Heights, and therein dwells the Ancient of Ancients, the Hidden of all Hidden Ones, the Secret of all Secrets, Ain Soph.’

When I recited these words everything within me started to vibrate and quiver. These seven lights are the seven colors, and each ones corresponds to a particular virtue or quality…


Rainbow over forest

Purple corresponds to sacrifice, blue to truth, green to hope, yellow to wisdom, orange to sanctity, and red to love. But you should realize that with every fault that a human being commits, the power which corresponds to one of these colors diminishes. It is almost useless, therefore, to work with light and color in the hope of acquiring spiritual powers if you don’t sustain and support these powers by practicing the corresponding virtues.

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov  Light is a Living Spirit

When I was a child I loved the story of Joseph and the coat of many colors his father gave him. Once I became a disciple of the master, I learnt that this splendid coat was actually a symbolic representation of Joseph’s aura, formed by all his spiritual qualities and virtues (even though he was a big head in his younger days!). Each quality or virtue appears in the aura as one of the prismatic colors and the aura of a great initiate or master is immense, it vibrates intensely with the most luminous and beautiful colors- the seven lights.  The master has also explained that a pure, strong aura is our best protection in life. This explains how Joseph was able to overcome all the terrible events of his life, transform a situation that would have destroyed most people and become capable of helping his fellow prisoners and the entire Egyptian nation.  SJJ

rainbows at Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe. Image shot 2000. Exact date unknown.

An aura that is in good condition is the best possible protection anyone can have. All the upheavals in the world are powerless to harm you if your aura is pure, luminous and strong, for it is a shield against harmful currents and disturbances of every kind. Disciples who are surrounded by an aura like that are, as it were, in a fortress; when others  all round them are uneasy, distressed, or exhausted, they are still full of courage and love, because they feel themselves to be inhabited by an inner light, and thanks to that inner light, they can help others.

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov  A New Earth

The following extract explains how we can work to develop such a luminous and powerful aura:

You can work in two different ways to develop your aura. The first method is to use your conscious will to imagine that you are immersed in the purest and most luminous colors. If you use this method you will need a prism, for the only way to have an accurate idea of the seven colors, is to decompose the white light of the sun through a prism. The colors that you see in nature- in flowers, birds and crystals- are only an approximation of the true colors. You can only obtain a true red, yellow, blue, violet, and so on, by using a prism.


You can vary this method by imagining that all the colors radiate from you out into space. Picture yourself at the center of a sphere, sending out rays of love, in the form of color and light, to the whole universe.

The second method consists in cultivating the virtues: purity, endurance, generosity, kindness, hope, faith, humility, justice and disinterestedness. This second method is the most effective, for if you concentrate all your energies on developing the virtues they will take care of your aura: your love will make it more vivid, your wisdom will make it more luminous, your strength of character will make it stronger, and the purity of your life will make it more limpid and transparent. The qualities that manifest themselves in your aura depend on the virtues you develop.


Of course, the best of all is to combine the two methods, for if you concentrate on the colors of your aura every day while continuing to live an ordinary life and making no effort to cultivate the virtues, you will be building something up with one hand and tearing it down with the other. This is why it is better to do both: live a pure, honest life, full of love, and at the same time work consciously to develop your aura. As your aura gains in breadth and beauty it will enable you to be in communion with every region in space.

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov    A New Earth

Hope you have found some inspiration from these extracts- please leave a comment if you like.

The top photo is called Mountain Rainbow – photographer Christopher Martin. SJJ

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