Messages from birds

“Be like a bird: a bird has a tiny little body, weak and light, a little beak but it also has wings to fly freely through the air. A bird has no ambition to enter into competition with a wild animal. It is content with what it has received from the creator; the gifts of song and freedom of movement.

Just like birds, true sons and daughters of God do not want to hack their way through the jungle of the world in pursuit of position or power. Their only aspiration is to fly each day into the vast expanse of heavenly space in order to bring back peace, light and joy to earth. And then they share these blessings with their human brothers and sisters.”

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov


It is wonderful the almost magical quality there is to bird song. From childhood I have always been deeply affected it- the dawn chorus that sounds a note of optimism for the new day and equally the song at dusk that brings a sense of quietness and peace, a sensation of being immersed in the vibrations of the universal soul. The master once said that the song of birds does not disturb the silence of nature- it makes it more profound. It is a primordial sound- a beautiful, sonic reminder of our bond with mother nature.

Who hasn’t had the experience of feeling relief from a grief or sadness by listening to the singing of a bird?  As everything in the universe is connected all things in nature are able to bring us a reply to our prayers and inner questions. But perhaps birds, as winged creatures are particularly  suited to this task?

The master loved birds very much and was very sensitive to their presence- the following words were no doubt inspired by his own experience:

Little Wren

Photo: Little Wren by Marc de Ridder

“Everywhere birds come and go, you see them, even in towns- perched on trees, on the verandas and roofs of houses.

And you, there are times when you are in your room and you feel a pang of grief or sadness so you pray to the Lord for help. You think you are alone in your room, but there, on the sill of your open window, a little bird has heard your call and he comes to carry your prayer towards heaven. But don’t wait for that to happen by chance: Get into the habit of confiding your troubles to birds. And when one flies by you, try to think of a request, the most beautiful and pure request you can think of and ask this bird to transport it.

Even if you have nothing special to ask, when you see a bird you can always consider it as a messenger that will carry all your good thoughts across the world.”

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov

I am sure the master would have used this method many times himself to request that peace, universal brotherhood and all the splendors of heaven descend upon the whole earth.

Here is another extract that describes how reflecting on the behavior of birds can teach us humans how to rise above the worries and difficulties that threaten our inner peace:


“If so many people today feel anguished and  tormented it is because they have wandered into the lower regions of the psychic plane, and these regions are invested with humanity’s sworn enemies. When these enemies attack  they struggle to free themselves from their grasp but often these enemies are stronger and end by getting the better of them. Why are people not able to find the means to escape from these enemies?

Consider this image: A bird is pecking at some seed on the ground when a cat starts to stalk it. What does the bird do? Does it wait? Does it try to fight back? No, it flies away.

Swallow in flight
Swallow in flight

It is a bird’s instinct- they fly away at the slightest sign of danger. And yet human beings have not understood what birds have understood; instead of flying away, humans remain just where they are, they struggle, they  battle and ending up getting robbed of everything most precious- it is a massacre.

Maybe you are wondering how you too can fly away?  Through meditation, through imagination and prayer; by reading uplifting books, listening to music, contemplating a beautiful landscape, or reliving a luminous moment from your past.  There are so many means at your disposal- on condition that you believe in their effectiveness and you have the willpower to use them.”

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov

That’s it for now. Thanks for visiting.  The audio recordings of the song of the Nightingale and Robin are both by Reinsamba at Thanks also to the awesome nature photographer Marc de Ridder for permission to use his photo of the wren.

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