Mountain heights

Whenever we notice a distant mountain, we instinctively sense it represents a link between  heaven and earth. In most mythologies, a mountain is considered the dwelling place of the gods. Perhaps this is simply a symbolic representation, for the image of a mountaintop is always associated with the divine world. But it is also reality: mountain summits are antennae which establish  communication between heaven and earth.   Omraam Mikhael Aivanvov

Sunrise at the mountain, Nepal

Far from the noise and disorder of human life, mountain summits are inhabited by extremely pure and powerful entities. It’s not always possible to climb to such heights to meet them, but whenever the opportunity arises, try to establish contact with them. Whenever you see a summit in the distance, think of holding your hand out towards it; greet the luminous entities that dwell there and ask them to draw you towards them so that you may enter their purity and light. By learning to connect  yourself to the summits of mountains, you will receive the very best nourishment for your soul and spirit.

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov

If we humans often aspire to reach the summit of high mountains, perhaps it is because we intuitively sense the symbolic link between mountain heights and our own higher self, our spirit. When speaking of the psychic structure of human beings, the master often referred to the seven bodies of Hindu philosophy: the physical, etheric, astral, mental, casual, buddhic and atmic bodies. The casual body represents the higher mind, the intelligence, wisdom and omniscience of our divine nature. A mountain summit is symbolic of this higher mind:

  If you want to get results on a spiritual level you have to climb up to the top of the mountain. The mountain I am referring to is your own mountain, your own casual body. You have to scale the heights of your casual body in order to rise above the mist and dust. ‘Mist’, ‘dust’ and ‘mountain’  are of course all symbols. Dust is that which clouds the mind when it has lingered on too many different paths, and mist is produced by the humidity of the heart when it is exaggeratedly emotional and sentimental and it too prevents you from seeing clearly. In order to escape from the dust of the mind and the mists of the heart, we have to rise above the astral and mental planes and reach the casual plane. This is why, in your meditations and prayers, you should always try to rise, to rise very high, as high as possible. In fact, why not use your imagination and picture yourself scaling a mountain?  The picture in your mind will lead you to another mountain, the one inside you, and when you reach the top, the casual plane, you will find so many more ways open to you for the realization of your spiritual thoughts and desires. In the Cabbalah, God is called the Most High because symbolically, power and omniscience are to be found on the higher planes.

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov

1024px-Glacier_Peak_7118 Only those who build their house on high ground are out of danger and that is why Jesus said that a wise person builds his house on the rock. The rock is the symbol of the casual plane. You are out of harm’s way and nothing negative can reach you if you are very high up, on the casual level. Whereas if you build your house on the astral level, in the turmoil of your passions, temptations and volcanic eruptions- or on the physical or mental plane- you will always be vulnerable.

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov    Man’s Psychic life: elements and structures

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