Finding God in light

Many years ago, when I was still a very young disciple of the master Peter Deunov, I asked him,’What is the best way to be close to God and develop my spiritual faculties and virtues?’ And he told me, ‘You must think constantly of light, concentrate on it, picture the whole universe bathed in light’. Well, I worked with this image of light for a very long time and learned a great deal from it. In reality, God is not light. God is far more than that. It’s not possible to know or even imagine God….  but since light is the first divine emanation, it contains all the qualities and virtues of God and one can know God only through light. So let me give you an exercise to do every day, several times a day…’   O  M A

‘As soon as you have a few spare minutes concentrate your thought on light, rest in light, melt into light, soak yourself in light and picture the whole universe bathed in that light. Little by little, as you do this, you will find that all the elements of your being begin to fall into place, that this light is bringing  you true knowledge, lasting peace, inner balance and power. Instead of wasting your time on useless activities, use it to think of the light that illuminates and gives life and peace’. O M A

From Light is a Living Spirit


I love this concept of light as the true, living image of God: light is universal, it shines equally on all creatures, it cannot be claimed exclusively by any culture or religion; and it is neither male nor female. It is an image that unites human beings, rather than divides them.  Like everything in nature, rays of light are alive. They are composed of the most luminous, intelligent spirits. It is thanks to these living spirits that light is able to heal, guide and protect us:

The light that pacifies and heals

When your soul is overshadowed by grief, difficulty or doubt, go and talk to light about it. Say, ‘Oh light, you who are the most intelligent of all beings, enter into me and bring light to my heart and mind’. And light will come to you and make everything bright and clear.  A New Earth

This final quote for today is a beautiful image I often use for meditation. There are many more in the video posted  ‘Meditate on light’.

Light, the image of God

Imagine a dazzling light in which everything- suns, angels and archangels- throb and vibrate as though they were fused into one infinite ocean. This ocean of light into which all forms melt and blend is the true image of God.  From A New Earth

Thanks for reading. Hope it resonates.

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