Month: September 2014

Video lecture -why watch the sunrise?

Editions Prosveta have a youtube channel with video lectures subtitled in English. It’s called Editions Prosveta English. This video describes the benefits of going to watch the sunrise. I have made a video of beautiful sunrise photos with extracts from the master Omraam on the beauty and benefits of watching the sunrise : In the First Light of Dawn SJJ

Video:The secret life of trees

The master loved to visit forests wherever he travelled. While on a trip to the Highlands of Scotland he was deeply moved by what emanated from the trees there- he called Scotland a blessed country because of the pure presence of those trees. I recently found a text where he speaks of the unknown, spiritual side of trees and I have used it for this video. Here is an extract from the Daily Meditations of 23rd September, which speaks of the invisible inhabitants of silence. It was taken from the book, ‘The Path of Silence’. Silence is inhabited by countless beings, in forests, lakes, seas, mountains, and underground too – the Creator has placed inhabitants everywhere. Even fire is inhabited, so too is the ether, the sun, the stars – the entire universe is inhabited. So wherever you go, in the mountains, in the forests, by rivers, lakes or oceans, if you want to be like a child of God, aspiring to a life that is subtler and filled with more light, do not disturb the …

Video: Surya Yoga at sunrise

I have just spent six weeks at the Bonfin, the  international spiritual community in the south of France, where the master gave the vast majority of his lectures. Each day started while the last stars were still shining as we climbed up to ‘the rock’ to watch the sunrise. These sunrise meditations, or Surya Yoga, as he sometimes called them, are the most precious moments of my day and I created this video to try and capture, in some small way, their beauty and inspiration. Here are a few recommendations on preparing for sunrise: Prepare yourselves in advance for the sunrise: be careful not to eat too much or go to bed too late, and avoid doing anything that might trouble or upset you. In other words, try to do everything in such a way as to be free with a clear mind and a heart at peace. If you come to see the sun in the morning with your mind centred exclusively on this essential work, knowing that your happiness, your health and your …