Drink light…

Each morning, from dawn onwards, the sun sends a profusion of specks of gold out into space, and we can fill our spirit,  soul, intellect, heart and also our physical body with these specks of gold. Our whole body, from our brain right down to our feet, can benefit from this gold…  There are different kinds of light. The kind our nervous system and our whole organism need the most is light from the sun before it rises.This is the most subtle, spiritual light, and it affects our psychic bodies. This is why, if we know how to look at the sun, something opens up in our solar plexus, and we begin to drink light. It is like a reservoir being filled with a precious quintessence. When the reservoir overflows, our only need is to share this elixir with all living creatures, and there is no greater joy than giving what we have received from the sun.

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov  Daily Meditations

sun on sea

This extract is the Daily Meditation for today, 29th August- another inspiring and motivating image to help get those of us practicing Surya Yoga out of bed in the morning! The best medicine  for body and soul is free if we know how to draw on it- from the sun’s light Its rays are at their most potent during the Spring and Summer months and possess a much less intense vibration during Autumn and Winter so  I think it makes sense to go as often as possible now.

Many years ago, after a collective meditation at sunrise with the master, he turned to us and explained how we can drink in the revitalizing life force (prana) that is present in the atmosphere at sunrise by simply breathing in through the mouth. So simple!

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  1. Hi Liping

    Glad you like the videos. I am hoping to upload some more soon. They do not have a soundtrack at the moment but I am working on something!

    With light and warmth

  2. Thank you, Susan, for your contribution. It is a beautiful way to share the precious pearls… Poetic and lovely videos.
    Michael VG


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