Your entire destiny is determined by the way you live today; by the direction you give to your thoughts and feelings and the activities on which you choose to spend your energies.

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov

Onwards and upwards

“Now that you have committed to the path of light, you must keep walking without wondering when you will reach the end. One by one, all obstacles give way before those who do not stop en route, for they have set the powerful laws of life in motion. Spiritual life is like climbing a high mountain. On these arduous, steep paths, it is inevitable that you will go through moments of weakness and discouragement, and you may even take a tumble, but this is no reason to stop”. Every so often you may even have the sensation that you are …

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Sharing Christmas joy with angels

In this extract from the Daily Meditation for Christmas Eve, the master explains that we receive subtle, vivifying elements for our heart and soul at Christmas  by  sharing our joy with the angels: “In an initiatic school we see festivals as something quite different from occasions to have feasts, hang up decorations and spend a few pleasurable moments. Each person endeavours to contact energy currents in the subtle regions which will bring life and renewed vitality to their heart and soul. They also know that entities of light come to draw on elements from this atmosphere of joyful exchanges which …

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A single candle flame…

Just as a single drop of water is capable of putting you in touch with the ocean, a single candle flame is capable of putting you in touch with the sun, with cosmic fire, with the Holy Spirit, whose garment is light. Gaze at the flame until you feel that you are melting into it, that you yourself are becoming flame. Love it, talk to it, make friends with it. When you are discouraged, worried or unhappy, light a candle, and by means of its flame unite yourself to all that is fire in the universe. Remind yourself that the …

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Angel messengers

The word ‘angel’ comes from the Greek ‘anguelos’ meaning ‘messenger’. According to the master, the joyful news those angels brought the shepherds was of the coming of one who would bring a new teaching of life, a  life that is pure and filled with the light, love and joy of the spirit. This spirit of love will one day be born in every human soul. Although I suppose supernatural events such as the shepherds’ experience are uncommon, it is still possible for all of us to  communicate with angels through thought and prayer. It is they that receive our prayers …

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The deer in the heart- Anahata chakra

A few months ago I was meditating in the Ashdown forest with some others disciples of Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov. It was just before dawn, I was waiting for the sun to rise when I noticed a couple of deer a few metres away.  It was a magical experience- I stayed absolutely still and watched them from a distance. They stared back at me for several seconds before taking off in leaps through the trees. I felt  there had been some sort of communication between us. A few weeks later I was walking alone in the forest and again I saw …

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Letting in the light

It’s wonderful – from out of the crude, dark material of her entrails, the earth is able to form a matter as pure and limpid as crystal. But it’s not enough for us to marvel at nature’s work; we need to do the same work of transmutation ourselves, by transforming the selfish feelings and desires of our heart. How?  First of all, through imagination. Imagination possesses real power, so why not use it to obtain the purity of a crystal? You will say that is just fantasy. But no, everything we imagine eventually becomes reality. Once you have experienced this …

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The universal harmony of nature

“All human beings are a part of the great body of nature, so they must try to live in harmony with it. Even if they see themselves as individual beings with their own life, they belong to a whole, and they must consider how they can reconcile the needs of their personal life with those of collective life. Each individual is specific; Cosmic Intelligence wanted this diversity of creatures, and we should not try to bring them to the same level. Each one has the right to exist with their differences, their originality, as long as they are in harmony …

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Cloak of many colors…

“Many years ago (I must have been about twenty at the time), I read a passage from the Zohar which I have never forgotten. It was in Bulgarian, of course, but let me translate it for you: ‘Seven lights there are in the Highest of Heights, and therein dwells the Ancient of Ancients, the Hidden of all Hidden Ones, the Secret of all Secrets, Ain Soph.’ When I recited these words everything within me started to vibrate and quiver. These seven lights are the seven colors, and each ones corresponds to a particular virtue or quality…         …

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Messages from birds

“Be like a bird: a bird has a tiny little body, weak and light, a little beak but it also has wings to fly freely through the air. A bird has no ambition to enter into competition with a wild animal. It is content with what it has received from the creator; the gifts of song and freedom of movement. Just like birds, true sons and daughters of God do not want to hack their way through the jungle of the world in pursuit of position or power. Their only aspiration is to fly each day into the vast expanse …

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Mountain heights

Whenever we notice a distant mountain, we instinctively sense it represents a link between  heaven and earth. In most mythologies, a mountain is considered the dwelling place of the gods. Perhaps this is simply a symbolic representation, for the image of a mountaintop is always associated with the divine world. But it is also reality: mountain summits are antennae which establish  communication between heaven and earth.   Omraam Mikhael Aivanvov Far from the noise and disorder of human life, mountain summits are inhabited by extremely pure and powerful entities. It’s not always possible to climb to such heights to meet them, …

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All in nature is light

Many clairvoyants and mystics have perceived that everything we see around us in the natural world is actually composed of light. Here, the master describes an extraordinary experience: “Jacob Boehme, the great German mystic, earned his living as a cobbler. Suddenly one day he saw everything in a light so brilliant he could not bear it. Everything he laid eyes on seemed to be lit from within. No doubt he had earned that privilege in an earlier life! In a panic he ran out of his house and fled into the countryside, but there it was stronger still: everything, the …

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Video Lecture: Looking for God

Watch this video on YouTube This is a short extract of an improvised lecture by Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov, with English subtitles. It is called, ‘In all our searching for fulfilment, joy and every kind of pleasure, we are really looking for God’. It was originally posted on the Youtube channel of Editions Prosveta English

Finding God in light

Many years ago, when I was still a very young disciple of the master Peter Deunov, I asked him,’What is the best way to be close to God and develop my spiritual faculties and virtues?’ And he told me, ‘You must think constantly of light, concentrate on it, picture the whole universe bathed in light’. Well, I worked with this image of light for a very long time and learned a great deal from it. In reality, God is not light. God is far more than that. It’s not possible to know or even imagine God….  but since light is …

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Video -Love is a spring

The video I’m posting today contains more of Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov’s insights into the ‘Living Book of Nature’.. In early childhood, the master would search out the  little spring in the hills near his home in Varna, Bulgaria. The gentle murmur of its waters whispered  to him its secrets of life and love and he would spend hours listening to its message…

As well as providing a poetic example of the powers of love within our life, the sounds of a mountain spring, (or even, less poetically, water flowing from a tap!), are able to replenish our reserves of life force stored within the solar plexus. Just as it is possible to draw on life forces contained within a tree in a forest, listening to the water flowing from a spring or stream is capable of healing the disorders within the solar plexus that are caused by chaotic emotions. Here is a description of such an exercise from ‘A New Earth’:

The solar plexus is in contact with the entire cosmos and serves as a medium through which human beings communicate with the universe. It is a reservoir of life forces and is completely demagnetized and drained of all its reserves by disorderly emotions such as fear, anger, worry, doubt, promiscuity and chaotic thoughts and feelings. But if the solar plexus can be emptied, it can also be refilled and that is what you need to learn: how to replenish your solar plexus:

For example, you can strengthen it by watching and listening to running water- a fountain, a spring, or a waterfall, for instance. This method may seem insignificant, but it is very effective, for running water influences the solar plexus, which begins to get rid of harmful waste matter.

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov

Of course, it is preferable to do this exercise in nature but even the water flowing from a tap has a beneficial effect  on the solar plexus. I even found that listening to the recorded sounds of a flowing stream had a very soothing influence and so I decided to upload the sounds so they can be heard as you look at the images.

For another exercise to recharge the solar plexus: You do not know what trees are

I hope you enjoyed the video. Thanks for reading- love to hear your comments.

The top photo is entitled Mountain Spring, West Virginia and was found on

The soundtrack  of a flowing stream is by javetakami at


Video lecture -why watch the sunrise?

Editions Prosveta have a youtube channel with video lectures subtitled in English. It’s called Editions Prosveta English. This video describes the benefits of going to watch the sunrise.

I have made a video of beautiful sunrise photos with extracts from the master Omraam on the beauty and benefits of watching the sunrise :

In the First Light of Dawn


Video:The secret life of trees

The master loved to visit forests wherever he travelled. While on a trip to the Highlands of Scotland he was deeply moved by what emanated from the trees there- he called Scotland a blessed country because of the pure presence of those trees. I recently found a text where he speaks of the unknown, spiritual side of trees and I have used it for this video. Watch this video on YouTube Here is an extract from the Daily Meditations of 23rd September, which speaks of the invisible inhabitants of silence. It was taken from the book, ‘The Path of Silence’. Silence …

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Video: Surya Yoga at sunrise

I have just spent six weeks at the Bonfin, the  international spiritual community in the south of France, where the master gave the vast majority of his lectures. Each day started while the last stars were still shining as we climbed up to ‘the rock’ to watch the sunrise. These sunrise meditations, or Surya Yoga, as he sometimes called them, are the most precious moments of my day and I created this video to try and capture, in some small way, their beauty and inspiration. Watch this video on YouTube Here are a few recommendations on preparing for sunrise: Prepare …

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Drink light…

Each morning, from dawn onwards, the sun sends a profusion of specks of gold out into space, and we can fill our spirit,  soul, intellect, heart and also our physical body with these specks of gold. Our whole body, from our brain right down to our feet, can benefit from this gold…  There are different kinds of light. The kind our nervous system and our whole organism need the most is light from the sun before it rises.This is the most subtle, spiritual light, and it affects our psychic bodies. This is why, if we know how to look at the sun, something opens up in our solar plexus, and we begin to drink light. It is like a reservoir being filled with a precious quintessence. When the reservoir overflows, our only need is to share this elixir with all living creatures, and there is no greater joy than giving what we have received from the sun.

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov  Daily Meditations

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New vibrations at sunrise

“You are not yet aware that the sun’s rays are able to feed your spirit. Yes, but only if you learn how to receive them, only if you open yourself to them with all your heart and soul. Can you not accept that light is more than a physical vibration, that it is a living entity? As long as you remain closed to this idea, you cannot benefit from all the sun’s riches.

Try to organize your life in such a way that light occupies more and more of a place in it. In spring and summer, go and contemplate the rising sun, with the thought that you can receive its rays in the same way that you take in food, water and air. And speak to them too, saying, ‘O luminous rays, permeate my being; chase away the clouds that darken my sky.’ They already permeate you without your knowing of course, but if you are conscious and pay attention, if you fill yourself with their light and warmth in the conviction that something is growing and developing within you, gradually you will feel revitalized by new vibrations”.

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov    The Splendours of Tipharet

sunrise 2014

As the sun’s rays are just beginning to appear on the horizon, i never regret getting up before 5 am to greet it. The photos are of  particularly beautiful sunrises taken from a spot we call ‘the clump’ in the Ashdown Forest, East Sussex. It’s close to a meditation/ meeting center called the Doves Nest where disciples in the UK meet once a month for spiritual activities, including Surya Yoga- meditating at sunrise. Here’s an extract from the Daily Meditations that describes how we can receive nourishment from the sun’s vibrations…. SJJ

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